Founded in 1973, Paratech Ambulance Service is the finest provider of private, professional ambulance service in the state of Wisconsin. We have built a tradition of excellence employing highly skilled state-licensed EMTs, Paramedics, and Critical Care Paramedics, providing them with intense training and equipping them with the latest state-of-the-art technologies. We provide the highest quality of care for emergency and non-emergency ambulance services 24—7, ranging from basic life support to critical care, from neonatal to geriatric.

Our reputation stems from our company philosophy: To treat all patients as if they were family members—with care, dignity, and professional skill.

Paratech Ambulance Service is exploring opportunities to expand in the state of Wisconsin. If you are a municipal or county government looking to partner with Wisconsin’s leader in private 911 ambulance services or a hospital or healthcare system with a need for exceptional non-emergency interfacility ambulance services, you’ve come to the right place.


Basic Life Support

Care given by an EMT or an AEMT that include the following services:

• patient assessment
• defibrillation (AED)
• immobilization
• airway management
• hemorrhage control
• assisted delivery (childbirth)
• administration of oxygen and other medications as determined by the State of Wisconsin.

Advanced Life Support

Care given by a Paramedic that includes all elements of basic life support and the following services:

• advanced airway management
• cardiac monitoring, defibrillation, pacing, and cardioversion
• medication administration and IVF infusion
• 12-lead transmissions
• ventilator application and monitoring
• patient management and monitoring beyond EMT scope of practice.

Critical Care

Care given by a Paramedic or Registered Nurse to a patient with an immediate life threatening illness or injury associated with either single or multiple organ system failure. This level of care requires an expert level of provider knowledge and skill, sophisticated care, the necessary equipment, the ability to handle the added challenge of transport, and a high level of medical direction.

Hospital-of-Your-Choice Destination

In most non-emergent situations, Paratech Ambulance Service can transport a patient to the hospital of his or her choice. However, in life-threatening emergencies, ambulance services must transport the patient to the nearest, most appropriate facility.

Interfacility Transportation

While admitted to a facility, sometimes patients must be transferred to another facility to receive a higher or different level of care. As the preferred ambulance provider for many hospitals and medical complexes, Paratech Ambulance Service can ensure the continuation of required or existing care during transport to the receiving facility.

Long-Distance Transportation

Whether your destination is one mile away, one hundred miles away, or more, Paratech Ambulance Service is equipped and ready to maintain the highest level of care necessary during long-distance transports. For transports longer than 75 miles, we prefer 24 hours advanced notice.

Paramedic Intercept

Paratech Ambulance Service provides paramedic intercept services for both fire-based EMS and private ambulance services. Contracting with Paratech Ambulance Service for paramedic intercepts can allow a municipality or private ambulance service to augment its services with ALS care without the expense of staffing and supplies.

Ventilator Transportation

Paratech Ambulance Service is the area leader in ventilator-support transportation. Using the latest technological advancements in portable ventilator support, our paramedics can match the patient's physician-prescribed settings to provide a continuum of care and allowing the patient to better tolerate transport.

Community Paramedicine

Paratech Ambulance Service has joined the emerging profession of community paramedicine.

Special Event Coverage

Some of Wisconsin's finest sports teams, businesses, and charitable organizations trust Paratech Ambulance Service to provide primary EMS coverage for their events and patrons. For more information, contact us at 414.365.8900.

Community Training

Paratech Ambulance Service's Community Training Center (CTC) offers a wide range of certification or re-certification courses on a daily basis, including evening and weekend classes to accommodate your busy schedule. Our CTC instructors can come to you or you are welcome to utilize our training facility. Classes in CPR, ACLS, and PALS are taught in accordance with American Heart Association guidelines by certified instructors. For more details, or to schedule a class, go to or call 414.358.2041.

Paratech Ambulance Service is a privately-held, family-owned ambulance firm that also provides contract EMS services to municipalities throughout south central and southeastern Wisconsin. At Paratech, we are passionate about our 230+ EMTs. We believe in providing the best talent available within the industry and fostering an atmosphere where our people feel inspired, encouraged, and rewarded. Paratech Ambulance Service offers our full-time associates medical, dental, and vision benefits as well as a 401k plan. Current State of Wisconsin certification is required of all qualified candidates as well as a valid State of Wisconsin driver’s license with a clean record.

Not an EMT just yet? Attend a training center or technical college in the State of Wisconsin that offers a technical diploma or certificate to become an Emergency Medical Technician; then, apply online at Paratech Ambulance Service.

Do you have special shift needs? Our flexible schedules include fixed and rotating shifts, including: 8, 10, 12, 14, 16, and 24-hour shifts working 40–48-hour weeks. Part-time shifts or seasonal status also available.

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Feel free to contact us if you have any comments, questions, or whatever the occasion may be. Go ahead and thank a crew! We will gladly consider and reply to your comments and questions.

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